Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginners

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, In this blog post, we will explore two popular freelancing platforms, and, which are great options for beginners. These platforms are user-friendly and offer a wide range of job categories, making them ideal choices for beginners in the freelancing world. So, let’s dive in and discover the best freelance websites as Freelancer for beginners.

Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginners

There are many freelancing platforms out there, but some of them are most popular including Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour, Freelancer and Guru. Ultimately, the best freelancing platform for you, will depend on your specific needs and skills, but if you are not sure which platform to choose, I recommend starting with and These platforms are large and also well established, and Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginners.

How to start feelancing as beginner?

To start freelancing as a beginner, choose a niche or skill you’re passionate about. Create a portfolio showcasing your work and join freelancing platforms Freelancer and Guru. Network with others in the field, provide excellent service, and consistently market yourself. Deliver quality work to build a strong reputation and attract clients. Now let’s discover How to start freelancing as beginner? step by step:

How to start work on as beginner? is an awesome platform that connects people with diverse skills and passions. It’s been around for about six years and has introduced various tools and options to support both freelancers and employers. For beginners, navigating the platform may feel overwhelming, but fear not! In this brief guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps of working and making money on

Sign up for a free account on, where you can start working without any charges. You can enhance your earnings by upgrading your membership if you want, which offers benefits like increased monthly bids and a wider range of listed skills. Having more skills on your profile increases your chances of finding suitable projects.

Membership Plans on

$4.99 per month$8.95 Per month$49.00 Per month$99.00 Per month

Create an impressive profile. Your profile is your chance to shine, so make sure it’s complete and attractive. It’s your one-stop showcase of who you are, what you can do, and why employers should choose you. A well-crafted profile is essential for convincing clients to hire you based on your presentation alone.

Start freelancing by actively searching for and bidding on projects at Browse the Jobs or Contests page regularly for suitable opportunities in various categories. With over 750 work categories, you’ll find projects aligned with your skills. Write a persuasive bid explaining why the client should choose you. Need help with the bidding process? Check our step-by-step guide. Get started and earn money now!

How to bid on

To begin bidding on freelance projects:

  1. Browse available projects that match your skills by clicking on Projects in the main menu.
  2. Use filters to narrow down the results by project type, skills, budget, location, and languages.
  3. Click on projects of interest to view more details.
  4. Carefully read the project description and fill out the bidding form with your bid amount, delivery time, and a detailed proposal. Highlight your experience, credentials, and portfolio.
  5. Propose a breakdown of tasks and corresponding milestone payments, if applicable.
  6. Optionally, consider sponsoring your bid.
  7. Submit your bid by clicking on Place Bid.

Remember to keep the language simple and concise, focusing on providing clear instructions for beginners.

Additional tips before you start work with client.

Starting freelancing can be challenging but fulfilling. Ensure clear alignment with the employer on project scope, deadlines, and payments. A signed agreement can solidify the deal. Impress the employer by being consistent in timelines, budgets, and communication. Utilize chat features or a mobile app for convenient updates. Stay calm and focused throughout the process.

How to withdraw payments from

To withdraw your earnings, you can use PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Moneybookers. You can also transfer funds to your local bank account through Express Withdrawal System. Aim for five-star feedback to enhance your portfolio and keep earning on Repeat these steps to continue making money. I hope you have found your answer that How to start work on as beginner?

How to start work on as beginner? is another popular freelance platform that connects freelancers with clients worldwide. Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginners, caters to various freelancers, accommodating diverse skill sets. Whether you’re into IT, writing, photography, web design, broadcasting, business consulting, finance, accounting, or more.

This platform offers a wide range of assignments for both short-term and long-term remote work opportunities. It’s user-friendly and accessible, making it suitable for anyone seeking freelance projects from the comfort of their home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started on Guru:

You can sign up on Guru in two ways:

Method 1: Create a Freelancer account using your email. Click “Sign Up,” enter your name, email, and agree to our Terms of Service. Select “Freelancer” as the account type, set a password, and verify your email.

Method 2: Use social login (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google) to create a Freelancer account. Choose “Freelancer” as the account type. Build your profile with services and portfolios to receive relevant job matches within 24 hours. Get started with freelancing on Guru!

You can enhance your earnings by upgrading your membership if you want.

Membership Plans on

BasicBasic +ProfessionalBusinessExecutive
FREE$11.95 Per Month$21.95 Per Month$33.95 Per Month$49.95 Per Month

Once you’ve registered, it’s time to create your profile. Add a professional photo, write a compelling bio highlighting your skills and experience, and upload a portfolio of your previous work. A well-crafted profile will help you attract potential clients. Now, you can browse jobs online and can bid on jobs that you like. You can also sign up to receive emails as soon as new jobs are posted.

How to bid on

  1. Explore available projects by selecting the Projects option from the main menu.
  2. Utilize filters to refine your search based on project type, skills, budget, location, and languages.
  3. Tap on projects that catch your interest to access additional information.
  4. Thoroughly read the project description and complete the bidding form with your proposed bid amount, estimated delivery time, and a comprehensive proposal. Emphasize your relevant experience, qualifications, and showcase your portfolio.
  5. Consider suggesting a task breakdown and corresponding milestone payments, if applicable.
  6. Optionally, think about sponsoring your bid to increase visibility.
  7. Finalize your bid by clicking the Place Bid button.

Sure, here’s a simplified version of the information provided in a concise list format:

  • Bids are used to send quotes for jobs and secure projects.
  • Bids are credited to your account monthly, depending on your membership level.
  • Bids can be used to send quotes and premium quotes, as well as sales messages.
  • Some memberships offer bid rollover.
  • To purchase additional bids:
  1. Click on your Account Menu.
  2. Select “Buy Bids.”
  3. Choose the desired number of bids.
  4. Select a payment method and complete the purchase.
  • The cost of additional bids varies based on the quantity:
  • 20 Bids: $10
  • 40 Bids: $20
  • 60 Bids: $30
  • 125 Bids: $50
  • 250 Bids: $100
  • Additional bids cannot be refunded and do not expire.

Additional tips before you start work with client.

Getting started with freelancing may seem daunting, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Make sure you and the client are on the same page regarding the project’s scope, deadlines, and payment terms. Having a signed agreement can provide a solid foundation for your working relationship. Impress your client by consistently meeting timelines, staying within budgets, and maintaining open communication. Stay updated. Stay calm and focused throughout the process, and you’ll be on your way to freelancing success as beginner.

How to withdraw payments from

Your earnings are conveniently displayed in the Guru Cash Account, accessible through the Payments tab. To access your hard-earned funds, simply set up a transfer method of your choice. You have a range of options available, including a U.S. Bank Account (eCheck), PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer. These transfer methods enable you to securely withdraw your earnings. Choose the one that suits you best and easily cash out your funds. I think you have found your answer that How to start work on as beginner?

Conclusion and Guru are excellent platforms for beginners to kickstart their freelance careers. By following these simple steps, you can create an impressive profile, find suitable projects, submit compelling proposals, communicate effectively with clients, and ultimately get paid for your hard work. Remember, freelancing requires dedication, professionalism, and continuous improvement of your skills. these are the Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginners. So, start exploring these platforms today and unleash your potential as a freelancer!

I hope this blog is helpful, and you have found your answer about Best Freelance Websites As Freelancer For Beginner I will come back soon with new article and with something informative, till then stay in touch, take care, stay healthy and stay wealthy, bye bye…..


Q. Is safe? is a trustworthy platform where clients find people to get tasks accomplished and freelancers can earn a steady income. It’s a reliable way for employers to get work done and for independent workers to make money. Joining allows you to connect with potential clients and showcase your skills. It’s a convenient and accessible option for both parties involved in the freelance industry.

Q. How much withdrawal fees on

Express Withdrawal – FREE
PayPal – FREE
Skrill (Moneybookers) – FREE
Payoneer Debit Card – FREE
International Wire – ₹1250.00 INR

Q. How many free bids on

Your bid limit on is determined by your membership type. If you’re a Free Member, you receive 6 bids per month. Basic Members enjoy 50 bids, while Plus Members get 100. For those with Professional Memberships, the limit is 300 bids, and Premier Members have a generous 1500 bids per month. These varying limits ensure you have the opportunity to bid on projects that align with your membership level. Remember to choose wisely and make the most of your available bids to increase your chances of securing freelance work.

Q. How many membership plans on offer different types of memberships for freelancers, which include Basic, Plus, Professional, and Premier. These membership plans are available on a monthly subscription basis, and if you prefer, you can also opt for an annual subscription at a discounted price. Choose the membership that suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of being a part of our freelancing community.

Q. What is is an freelancing online platform that connects individuals seeking assistance (freelancers) with those who require their services (clients). Freelancers can explore a wide range of job opportunities posted by clients and submit proposals for projects that interest them. Once an agreement is reached, freelancers complete the work and receive payment from the client. It’s a convenient solution for freelancers to discover potential clients, while allowing clients to obtain top-notch work without the commitment of hiring a full-time staff member.

Q. What is is a platform that brings together individuals seeking assistance (freelancers) and those who lack the time or resources to complete tasks on their own (clients). Freelancers have the opportunity to explore various job listings posted by clients and place bids on the projects that pique their interest. Once an agreement is reached, the freelancer undertakes the assignment and receives compensation from the client. This platform serves as an excellent avenue for freelancers to discover new clientele, while clients can conveniently obtain top-notch work without the need to hire a full-time employee.

Q. How many membership plans on

Basic – FREE
Basic+ – $11.95 Per Month
Professional -$21.95 Per Month
Business – $33.95 Per Month
Executive – $49.95 Per Month

Q. How many free bids on

Your exact bid limit depends on your membership type:
Basic Members get 10 bids per month.
Basic+ Members get 50 bids per month.
Professional Members get 50 bids per month.
Business Members get 50 bids per month.
Executive Members get 1500 bids per month.

Q. How much withdrawal fees on

withdrawal fees on 3.5% to withdraw fund from cash account.

Q. Is safe?

Yes, is generally considered safe. The platform implements security measures to protect user information and offers dispute resolution services to ensure fair transactions between freelancers and clients.

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